Sunday, July 22, 2007

Catalina - no boundaries on a Kayak

My biggest pet peeve with tours and adventures are with boundaries. My sister and I always dreamed of going on a trail ride and actually steering the horse instead of the traditional butt to head caravan up a mountain.

For my husband's birthday, I took him to Catalina and found an excellent deal on a kayak adventure without any boundaries. No cones, no guides, no buoys, and no ropes.

The nice folks at Descasno Beach Ocean Sports have a fantastic "Not So Early Bird" Special for $64*. They offer a double kayak, two shorty wetsuits, snorkel gear for two including mask, snorkel and fins. They also throw in a dry bag to store your stuff and a small cooler to pack your lunch in. We had four full hours to kayak where we wanted. We paddled several miles along the coast north of Avila. We landed on a few secluded rocky beaches, had a picnic and splashed around in the water. A dolphin swam between us and a few sailboats and a seal surfaced 10 yards from us to voice his displeasure.

There was no supervision, no guide telling me to paddle a certain way and no one telling where I had to paddle to.

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*Price quoted July 2007.

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