Friday, July 20, 2007

Vent: Eurail

My biggest gripe on trip planning is trying to understand the rail systems. I have read quite a bit about supplemental costs for certain trains, sleepers and seat reservations. Where is a site that will tell me what trains cost more and how much I should expect to pay?

For planning, I have found a nice rail timetable guide. Unfortunately, I need to know which city I want to start from and which city I want to end up.

To assist me with this dilemma, I have found a neat interactive rail map for each country that gives me hints of quicker routes and where the special trains go. The map is for Spain, but you can navigate to other countries quite easily.

I am predicting that understanding the rail system will be of assistance to many readers. As I understand more, I will forward you the details. When my trip finally occurs, I look forward to sharing my real life experiences.

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