Monday, December 10, 2007


Hello all,

Finding an internet connection in Spain has proved very challenging. I am questioning my computer´s functionality since it cannot seem to connect to any signal. Therefore, I am not sure if I will be able to post many pictures.

We landed in Cordoba after spending a day in Madrid. The city was jammed packed with holiday makers. The immaculate conception kicks off the holiday season which is similiar to black friday for us. The big deal in madrid was the holiday lights. We were squeezed like a sandwich in the streets as everyone looked at all the lights. The focus here is less on Santa Clause and christmas trees and more on the Nativity Scene. We saw some beautiful ones but I didnt have my camera. I will try to get a pic before i leave on the 24th.

The next day we grabbed a bus to Cordoba. Cordoba is a neat town with very narrow alleys. I got some very neat pictures of the whitewashed alleys and the big attraction, the mesquite.

The mesquite is interesting as heck and the history behind it is even more fun. I will touch on this later.

Aside from limited access, we are doing very good. After arrival, we found out Spain is the hardest of all of western Europe to communicate in. Hardly anyone speaks english. We are doing pretty good in getting what we need, but we are lonely for friendly chat with others since the spanish are not very talkative.

We love you all.


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