Thursday, May 29, 2008

Avignon: a whole lot of blah

I have a couple items of interest to post on my blog.

I dont feel right completely not addressing Avignon. We did not have a problem with the city. It was nice, but it rained, rained, rained.

We did a few things: we put our hand in the Rhone River, laughed at dumb signs and tried to force two snails to be friends on the side of the road.

Getting to Avignon was really neat. We rode a TGV train at 200 KM an hour. I felt like I was flying.

This post is so boring, that I think a dumb sign picture is in order.

One thing I liked about france is that the french family does not wait until the weekend to have outings together. After work (between 4pm and 5pm), the local families will take their children for a stroll in a park or along the river.

In closing, here is a pic of Avignon from across the Rhone.

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