Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cashel, Dingle

We stayed in a lovely hostel in Cashel that was right across from a ruined Abbey. Of course, Joe and I had to go check it out since it was free. We then saw the famous Rock of Cashel before we drove to Dingle.

Dingle is a fantastic town and we are staying at a very nice B&B with a little scotty dog and a black cat.

Unfortunately, internet access is very far and few between, so there is no internet access yet and therefore no pictures. :(


Lexia said...

Enjoy everyday you can wake up and enjoy life without work. And don't forget to go out at night and have some fun.

mom said...

I Mauri, I remember Dingle was where Devon left the car keys in some unknown place and she had to run around and track them down while we waited at the car. Funny!