Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mauri goes the grocery store

I wanted to show my appreciation to my hosts by buying a bottle of wine for them. If you recall, it is polite in the states to spend about 20 dollars for a bottle of wine you intend to give. Anything below 10 dollars, may show you look like a cheapo. Am I correct with this assumption?

Imagine, my dilemma when the wine display was shelf after shelf of this:

The store had tons of new items for us to figure out. I cant recommend more to try cooking in another country. You can add two hours to your day just browsing through the supermarket trying to find the equivalent. Here were a few of our surprises:

1. They do not have russet potatoes. Imagine my surprise when I had baked potato on the menu.
2. Cheddar cheese is not very common at all.
3. Cream is not refrigerated and comes in little juice boxes.
4. Eggs are not refrigerated either.
5. You pay for your plastic bags OR you bring your own bags.

Sometimes you are taught something your whole life and then when you realize that someone does it different and the sky does not fall, you start to rethink everything.

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Jim said...

Mmmmm... grocery store.