Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beer and Grub: A Day with a Local

We contacted a friend of ours that we met in Spain in December. Marian works in Prague for a software company. When he is not working, he is a world traveler for months at a time. I envy his free spirit "just do it" nature.

Marian graciously showed us around and took us to a few local haunts for greaaattt Pivo (beer). On top of that, we did the tourist stuff and also saw an open air concert with a great flamenco band.

Here we are with one kilo of Meat

The Czechs go a bit crazy with the mass quantity of Meat. In fact, Marian had to request that they tone it down for us or else we may have gotten two kilos of meat.

Here is Joe contemplating how much meat he ate:

3 (1/2 Liter beers), 1 Kilo of Meat, 2 baskets of breads and an awesome Czech Cheese appetizer = 25 USA Dollars.

I am not sure you can beat that.

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