Thursday, June 12, 2008

Croatia wins 2-1

We watched the game in the main square where a big screen tv sat on a stage. We were packed in by the hundreds and Joe and I were terribly out of place. We were the only ones not in checkered shirts and we did not know any of the words to the chants or the songs.

Goooooaaaalll... by Croatia. Items go flying into the air. Firecracker light up and everyone is jumping in the air.

Gooooaaaaaallll.. by Croatia. Same antics at the first goal.

When the game is over, we were soaked with beer and god knows what and we grabbed pizza.

It is now 4 hours since the game has ended and people are still honking horns and screaming outside.

What a game. What a team. What a country.

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Devo said...

So, I finally figured out how to leave comments. Excellent that you experienced a soccer game like that. Looks like things are going well. My favorite post so far has been Joey and the dog poop.