Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A day at the baths

Hungary has the neatest turkish baths. They are quite old, but the buildings have beautiful architecture.

We decided to try out these baths to see how relaxed we can really get.

After changing in our suits, (hungarian baths wear suits, germany baths suits are optional) we went on our way.

First up, the indoor traditional thermal baths. The traditional baths contain multiple pools. Some are big and some are small. All are of different temperatures. Cleansing yourself and relaxing your body requires you to go in and out of the different baths. (Hot, Cold, Warm, Cold, Hot).

The first bath was somewhere around 40 celcius. The next 32. The next 38 and the next 32. Before jumping into another bath, we steamed and showered and cleaned our feet. We then got into the cold plunge pool (a cold 20 degree celcius, yikes). Plunging in without screaming was a true art.

Outside there were more large pools. One was for swimming and the other was for relaxing. The relaxing pool had waterfalls to stick your head under, fountains, bubbles coming from the floor and the side, and a little area that has a current that goes in a circle.

To make the day even more enjoyable, the bath costs us about 10 Euro (4800 HUF's).

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It looks like you eat well Dad