Sunday, June 8, 2008

We love S(love)nia

Picture posts sure take alot of time to post. As a result, I have spent most of my internet time in Slovenia trying to get Italy posted for you. As a result, my blog looks like I am in Venice. Well.... that was 3 days ago and we have been in Slovenia since Friday.

We love Slovenia. The capital, Ljubljana (pronounced: Luby - awna) is small enough to wrap you hands around but big enough to know its a city. Joe is absolutely in love with Ljubljana and has moved the city into the #2 slot of his favorite city list. (#1 Pittsburgh).

On top of all the fun of experiencing a non touristed capital, the EuroCup has started. Watching the games at the bar with a glass of wine for me and beer for Joe has consumed most of our evenings. (Note: Slovenia prides itself on great wines AND great beers)

After Ljubljana, we went to the tiny town of Bled which sits on a lake. The town is heavily visited by Germans. We heard a few American accents, but not many.

At the tourist office, the women behind the counter took a look at our passports and excitedly told us that our Presidente was in Ljubljana. Surprised, I said "Huh?".

"Your president, Buuuusssshhh. Visiting Ljubljana"

This was the first time, I heard excitement in someone's voice over Bush. However, I doubt that Slovenians actually like Bush.

In Eastern Europe, accommodations are not always in place to handle tourists. As a result, you just stop at the Tourist office and ask them for a room. The office then calls, Frank, Cindy, John or Mike to see if they have room in their house. Then Frank, Cindy, John or Mike come in their car to pick you up and take you back to their house.

Our host is an old couple. I would guess they are around 80 and the husband does not speak much english at all. He probably speaks either Italian or German and of course his native language: Slovene.


Of course, we didnt understand that he said England in a heavy accent.


Oh... he wants to know where we are from.

"United States"




I wish I could have tape recorded his voice. He sounded so awwed and impressed. We both felt like a million bucks. My hunch is that Americans usually stick to the hotels and hostels and shy away from the "Sobe" rooms.

Joe and I conquered Bled. We rented a little wooded row boat and we rowed around the lake. Joe rowed, I sat. All I needed was a little frilly umbrella and we could have time warped into the 1800's.

After that, we walked around the lake. I'll post some pictures up when I get a chance.

Today we pick up the train and head to our next destination.

Please keep those comments rolling in. They are so special to Joe and I.

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