Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I turned 29 on July 1. This is the first time I've been out of the country for my birthday. We spent the day in northern Holland with a couple named Frenk and Margo. They let us use their bikes (they own 4 of them) while they were at work, so Mauri and I biked all over. There are many bike trails in Holland and even very old people bike. As a result, most Hollanders are very fit. Frenk and Margo were no exception. Also, Hollanders save mucho dinero by biking. Gas is about $10/gallon in Holland, after converting from liters to gallons and euros to dollars, so they pay a lot more than we do and cry a lot less about it because they've already come up with a solution that works. Our country should look to Europe to find ways to conserve energy, because the Europeans are pretty good at it. Both Frenk and Margo live over an hour away from where they work. She drives to work in her small, fuel efficient, stick shift car (stick gets better gas mileage than automatic) and he bikes to the train station and takes the train to work.

They are also members of a canoe club, so when they came home from work, they took us canoeing and we had a picnic for dinner on an island in the lake. All in all, a great birthday for me!!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday, Joey MOMBO