Thursday, July 10, 2008

Made it to Oslo

I always told everyone before my trip that I would randomly show up in Oslo on 7th of July. WE rolled into Oslo on time and found Carlene, my mother's friend at the hotel. Mom was in London Heathrow after arriving there four hours earlier from LAX. I jumped on the internet to check my mother's flight status.

Dang...delayed 2 hours. I got comfortable and started to straiten up and then checked the internet again. Dang... delayed 3 hours now!!!! My poor mother. She almost was not able to make it due to a stomach flu she had the week before.

Mom's delay did not stop us from having a good time.

We went upstairs and had some drinks.

I came back to the hotel room and saw my mother's flight was canceled. Luckily, after a while, mom called. Her cell phone was broken and they put her in a hotel. The poor thing was exhausted. I pushed the train to leave at 4pm the next day instead of 10:30 to allow my mother ample time to get to Oslo.

The next morning, I got a call and Mom's flight was canceled AGAIN!!!! Now, our train at 4pm was affected and our hotel reservation in Bergen was as good as gone. So we stayed over the next day and I sat in my hotel room completely stressed out while I watched my mother's flight slowly get delayed 15 minutes at a time to another 2 hour delay.

Finally mom arrived and she was not happy about the whole situation but very relievd to get there. We surprised her at the airport.

Here we are. The foursome is complete and we took the train the next morning to Bergen:

Norway is pretty:

We were so happy to be all together that we splurged big time at a seafood restaurant.

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