Friday, July 4, 2008


Servas, our homestay organization allowed us to stay with another Rummel family outside of Berlin.

In true Rummel spirit, Lothar and his wonderful fiance Maran were the best of hosts.

We really felt like we were living at home.

Joe spent some quality time with the Rummel cat:

He even mowed the lawn:

In the evenings we went to Maran's family's house and visited with her mother and uncle. Uncle Gunther and the rest of the group just loved Joe. We all didnt speak each other's language, but we still loved just sitting outside and drinking beer after a good day.

During the day, the Rummel's were out and about and let us roam around their neighborhood.

You just cant beat this neighborhood.

and...Yes...those are cherry trees. We ate until we pratically threw up.

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Mom said...

Joey we can't wait till you get home so you can cut our grass. Your father is letting it grow nice and long. Love Mom