Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Alhambra - The Disneyland of Spain

The major attraction in Spain is the Alhambra. The site is so popular and so famous that you need to prebook in advance over the internet and arrange a timed entrance.

The day we went was cold and wet which obviously did not add to the trip.
Even the wild cats in the area were desperate for warmth:

There were three main areas: the actual Alhambra or Palacio which was a moorish Palace; the Albayzin which was a fortress for the Moors and then the Christians; and finally Generalife which are the gardens.

The Alhambra was the bread and butter for the whole day followed by Generalife.

The highlight was the architecture which was of Moorish influence. Every detail was a masterpiece.

By the time we got to Generalife, the rain was really starting to become a nusance. However, the gardens did not seem to mind.

While exploring Spain, I have seen many gardens with each one beautiful in their own way.

I always imagine the rulers and the famous who enjoy them. I would have taken my breakfast and lunch in the gardens every day that I lived in one of thesse beautful palaces.

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