Saturday, December 15, 2007

Arcos for two days of rest

We arrived in Arcos de la Frontera after a ho hum stay in Jerez. We stayed at a simple hostal in Jerez and nearly froze our asses off. We were eager to move on to a smaller city and we also made the decision to spend a bit more here. You will not be disappointed with the pictures from our hotel room. Arcos is a hill town and its city sits on a cliff. Lets just say: if something blows out of our windows, its gone!!!

I will post the pics as soon as I am able to get wifi on my laptop.

In the mean time Joe and I have discovered some cheap eats. We now pack our breakfast in the morning with food from the mercado. We also have discovered bocadillos. The spanish people love Pan (bread) and Jamon (ham). The pan may not be as tasty as France´s baguette, but they make it fresh every day. A bocadillo is a sandwich but they put the Ham on a nice peice of bread or roll. Its cheap, only 1-2 euros.

Another nice food is tortilla. Tortilla is not what we are used for. Its american equivalent is an omelet.

We are off for some tasty menu del dia. We will keep you posted. Expect more pictures in the tuesday time frame. (I hope)


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