Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wonderful Wonderful Arcos

Last night we were surprised with a wonderful Christmas festival. It was a parade, but the people moved instead of the paraders. We were shuffled through the various narrow alleyways of Arcos to several nativity displays. Instead of the normal statues, we were greeted with live people demonstrating the various bible stories that build to Christmas.

The parade was complete with live animals (goats, sheep and donkeys), lots of adults and children dressed up as townspeople of Bethlehem, Roman solders and even a baby played little Jesus. They sang and danced, clapped their hands and shook tamborines. It was fantastic. We then bought freshly roasted chestnuts which i have never had before.

The festivities concluded with all the ninos paying a visit to the three kings to tell them what they wanted for three kings day (around Jan 5th). This is the Spanish version of Santa Clause. I have some nice pictures of that.

This morning we took a walk to the nearby lake and took a small hike below the gorge. I snapped some nice pics of the town while I was at it.

Tomorrow we are making our way to Tarifa which is the most southern tip of Spain. We were going to make a trip to Vejer, but we nixed it from our schedule since we are desperate for some budget living, wiFI and laundry machines.

Talk to you soon!

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