Monday, December 17, 2007


The Spanish people rarely go to one bar to eat and drink the night away. They take their drinks standing up at the many taberneras and accompany their vino, fino or cervesa with a bite or two of food: TAPAS: mini dishes to share around the table.

Tapas is a taste. If you want a larger portion its a racion. They usually run between a euro to three euros depending on the kind of food being served.

Iberian Ham. Very awesome.

Stewed Stuffed Pepper. I forgot to tell Joe about the pepper details. He liked it anyways.

Anchovies w/ Olive Oil and a dab of Gauzpacho (cold tomato soup)

Chorizo - Andalusian style (soaked in Wine). For this dish, it was one step further - Jerez style: soaked in Fino (Sherry). Awesome.

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