Thursday, December 13, 2007


Joe and I have fallen in love with the menu del Dia. The meal is three courses: 1st plate, 2nd plate and desert. The meal also includes bread and a drink (cola, wine or beer). This is a good way to eat alot of food for cheap. We usually are given 2 or 3 choices for each course. During lunch (lunch is between 2 - 5 pm during Siesta) we walk around reading the menus and prices at each eatery which are posted on the window. The best Menu's are written by hand and just tossed on paper then taped to the door.

A menu that is in English (very rare) and/or a menu that is neatly typed is not my type of restaurant.

Here is an example of a menu:

Primero Plato

Calamares con Salsa: This is not the exact name, but basically this was a stew with squid. The word Salsa is equivalent to the word "Stew" in spain. It is not a chip dipper.

Segundo Plato

Albondigas con Tomate y Potatas: Albondigas is meetball and this dish is soaked in a tomato sauce with French fries on the side. No fingers in the potatoes. You eat everything with a knife and fork.

Postre (Desert)

Flan: Pretty damn good.

This meal was only 8.50 Euros which is pretty dang good for a tourist area.

Here is my Primero Plato: It was a tomato based vegetable stew with Egg on top. Awesome!

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