Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sevilla - Cathedral

Our first full day here, we visited the catholic church of Sevilla.

Once again, Sevilla is similar to Cordoba. The romans owned it. The Moors destroyed and rebuilt. The catholics took over, destroyed and built a church.

However, this church is unique. The people of Sevilla wanted to separate themselves from other cities in spain. So how do you do this? Simple, build a big ass church. The cathedral is the biggest church in the world and was completed in just over a century. (1402 - 1506).

One of the fun things about the churches here is they have these really neat alters for each of the saints. Here is a really bad pictured of Joe in front of the dedication for St. Joseph.

The truly exciting thing about the Cathedral of Sevilla is that it contains the remains of Christopher Columbus. Until recently, there was much skepticism on whether the bones in the tomb were really Columbus. However, DNA evidence of the bones have matched Christopher's brother, Diego.

I hope I can have an entire statue of four men holding my coffin when I die.

Lastly, cant go to a church without posting at least one crucifix:

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