Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We arrived in ronda after a bus ride to Algeciras and a train from there. The wind in Tarifa last night was blowing so hard that is was maddening. The wind is a bit calmer in ronda, but we are freezing.

Unfortanatly, Spain has hit some nasty weather. the forcast: rain, rain, rain and rain. It is also unseasonably cold with snow only 30 km from Madrid. We do not have internet access in Ronda. I am actually at a bar writing this quick blog entry. We expect to arrive in Granada on Friday to visit the Alhambra. Granada is expected to be the coldest place in spain that we will visit. Just in time for a cold spell.

As far as Ronda goes, we walked around town despite the murky weather and we got some very nice pictures of the famous sites in the town. I will leave the description to the pictures when I get a chance to post them in Granada.


mpmbo said...

Hi Mauri, I feel like I am traveling with you through Spain. Very interesting. Sorry you guys are freezing. Bummer. I guess you need one more layer. I'm getting excited for Xmas and going to the desert with everyone. Wish you guys were coming. Its cold here too!!! Mom

Lexi said...

Are you guys going to go back to Spain again on the "big trip"?