Friday, December 21, 2007

Granada - Running away from the rain

So far it has not rained on us. We seem to be running ahead of the rain schedule with damaging wind and rain trailing us closely. We saw some news on our last place we stayed: Tarifa. The people there did not look very happy.

We grabbed the 9am train this morning from Ronda. After an uneventful 2 hours, we hopped off the train at our final stop in Andalucia: Granada.

Granada is a world of difference from the other places in Spain. For one, it has a large Moorish (Muslim) influence filled with tea houses, and shops where you can buy scarves, hookah´s, etc. Joe is also in heaven since he covered Kebab in Sevilla. Kebab is like a Gyro. The cuisine is from the turkey region. Its filling a mucho cheapo. There are Kebab´s on every corner.

We are at a backpacker´s hostel for Granada and we have already toured the city to find some nice lookouts of the city below, the Alhambra on the hill and the Sierra Nevada in the horizon. We got some nice photos, but had to move onwards as the pick pocketers started to swirl like vulchers over a dead carcus.

Tomorrow is our last touring day. We have a noon reservation for the Alhambra which will take up our whole day for tomorrow.

Unfortanatly, my laptop has failed to cooroporate and I am once again stuck with a public kiosk. Therefore, no pictures until I return.

With the help of a thumb drive and at the mercy of Joanne and Eric, I should be able to add the pictures to my blog after Christmas.

Until then, I guess you will have to use your imagination.

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