Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Joe and I splurged on a 8 van mini bus tour of the D-Day sites. It was worth every cent I payed and 200 more. The guide was a pure historian that talked strategy on how the battle unfolded and of individual stories collected about soldiers who fought.

If you saw the film "The Longest Day", you would appreciate this:

This does not look like a very important site, but you need a guide to tell you that the Germans had stopped a damn and flodded the fields like this with 4 - 8 feet of water. The grass had grown up and you could not see the water. When the paratroopers landed, alot of them liked the look of the field and landed. A vet who spoke with our guide landed on an embakement where we are currently standing. He discussed that he was haunted for 20 years by the screams of hundreds of soldiers as they landed with a hundred pounds of supplies strapped to them slowly drowning.

Joe is putting together a photo album of all the sites with info we learned. He can discuss more later.

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