Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Appreciation

Before I left for my trip, I received many negative comments from US citizens about the French.
They included: The French don't like you. The French are snotty. and The French have no respect of the sacrifice that was made to liberate them during the Nazi occupation.

You be the judge:

70% of the land and memorials to commemorate the battle of Normandy are provided by the individual locals and their houses are not mansions.

This was a small church we visited during our D-Day tour.

This shot was taken from the hallway in our manoir.

I hope the posts I will put up over the next week will change someone's preconceived notions of the French and will allow them to pack their bags for a fantastic experience over here.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Mauri...both times I've been to France I had a great time and found the people to be very friendly. If you swing by Paris, make a point to go see La Sainte Chapelle it's not far from Notre Dame and is absolutely breath taking when you walk in!!! Happy Travels!

lexia said...

Hi Mauri and Joey, I found the French to be friendly if you are trying to speak French (just a few words will sometimes work), just so they get the idea that you are trying. Keep up the blog. MOMBO

Anonymous said...

Lexii did not say that. I did. Help I'm losing it.