Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally... arrived

London Heathrow is the most amazing airport. I dont say this in a sense of pure beauty or sheer technological power. I say this because of how mind boggling the airport was from the moment I stepped off the plane.

I think they thwart off terrorism by just confusing the hell out of every traveler (good or bad) that enters the airport.

As soon as i walked off the plane, I felt like a rat in the maze looking for the end. They sent us down this hall way, up the stairs, down the escalator, around the rotunda. Without letting any of us escape the walk, they crammed us into a bus to repeat the ups, downs, lefts and rights. I couldn't even tell you where the hell I was. If you told me I was 50 ft underground, I would sure as hell believe it. I finally entered customs where they took my picture, gave me a paper and sent me through security. The underwire of my bra set the security detector ringing and I had a heck of an interesting pat down.

Finally, after getting our tickets for the next flight, they dropped us in the middle of a mall complete with a store called FCUK. We sat there for four hours in a daze due to jet lag. Finally it was time to board. Once again: up, down, left, right. They literally sent us walking through a giant pipe. (not kidding). They took my peice of paper away and I was dropped off in an area with about 10 gates. Once again, if you told me I was now in Guam, I would believe it.

Time to board, but no plane??? They sent us down a narrow spiral stairway that was connected to the skyway and placed us into a bus. The bus went left, right, left, left, under the terminals. Once again, if you told me I was on the moon, I would believe it. Magically, we got let off at a big plane and set off for dublin.

To say the least. It was an interesting adventure.

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