Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Into dublin

I always forget how nervous buses make me. I have this undying fear of missing my stop. Once I found an old man who knew about my stop, Joe and I harassed the poor guy until we got there.

Are we there yet? no. Are we there yet? no. Are there yet? no. Here we are. Stop the bus!!!! During my fit of panic, I slammed a poor french lady. I guess I am not representing the US to the best of my abilities.

After a Guiness and a bowl of soup, Joe and I were in bed and sound asleep by 9pm. We sure are party animals. Traveling from 5:30AM on Monday to 7:00 PM on Tuesday will do that to you.

Tonight we are playing tourist and going on a celtic music experience tour. Hopefully, I will have time this evening to post a few pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mauri and Joey. Glad you made it. You are scaring me about Heathrow airport. Any advice? MOM

Jim said...

Mmmmmm Guiness ....