Thursday, May 29, 2008


We have arrived in Italy after two buses and six trains. I will save our night train experience for another post. Its a good story.

For now, I will tell you we are in a medium sized town called Siena smack dab in the center of Tuscany.

Here are some nice pics of us living up life Italian style.

Joe listening to a Rick Steves pod cast:

Antipasti to start a meal off right and washing it down with Chianti

Speaking of this, we totally messed up the order. I got a liter of Chianti thinking 1 Liter was no more than a few glasses of wine. Joe informed me later that a standard bottle of wine was 750 ml. So we got a mega bottle of wine. My head hurt for the rest of the day. :)

Not the best picture of me considering that I was a mess after the 6 trains:


Jim said...

Mmmmm... Chianti, salute.

Mom said...

Joey read you e-mail now

mom said...

Alright!!! The French are nice! They still tried to run over me in Paris!! Nice pictures. Makes me hungry. Glad your enjoying yourselves. I'm enjoying the blog. Keep it up. MOMBO