Sunday, May 18, 2008

On the boat to france

After Galway, we completed our trip in Dublin and took a train ride down to Rosslare. For my next trip to Ireland, I will need to spend some time in Wicklow. As we travelled down the coast, I felt like I was coming strait out of the book, Little Women with babbling brooks and beautiful forest.

We picked up the Oscar Wilde ferry boat to Cherbourg France. The ferry ride was 18 hours long, but there was plenty of stuff to do on the ship. For one, we sprung for the lowest grade cabin you could get. I was surprised that it wasn't a mess, but quite clean and hospitable. Secondly, they had lots of placards to read about how nuts Oscar Wilde was.

They also had satellite TV. To our surprise, they had an NFL show on in the bar.

I wish I took more pics of the ferry. The whole experience was extremely interesting.

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