Sunday, May 18, 2008

Were in France, now run like hell

Our ferry was almost an hour late at 15 past 18:00 and the last train out of Cherbourg for the day was 18:44.

There were about 8 backpackers that walked on the ferry by foot and the mess of getting into france was fantastic. First there was the platform to get us off the damn ship. No one seemed in a hurry. Then the freight elevator and followed by a bus to the terminal building. Once again no one seemed in a hurry, but all the backpackers were about to pee their pants. Next: customs. The lady took my passport and proceeded to read it cover and cover. I was about to climb back there to make her cup of hot cocoa and give her a throw blanket for the whole process. We ran to the street and stuffed ourselves into taxis. I sat in the front, and the backpackers kept throwing euro coins at me so that we could get out of the taxi fast enough.

Run, run, run, run and into the train at 18:42.

If anyone would like to get over their fear of a new foreign country, I strongly recommend a frazzled entrance. There is no better way to get over it.

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