Friday, June 6, 2008

Regrouping in Rome

The rain just wont stop falling and I am about to scream out of madness.

Our original plans were to spend a few days in Cinque Terre on the beach. After a disturbing weather report, we decided to head to Rome for some museum time. While we were at it, we might as well say a prayer at the vatican about all this damn rain. As I write this now 7 days after the fact, God did not answer my prayers.

Here is that fountain that Joanne loves so much.

Dont worry Joanne, we threw a penny in it for you:

The next day, it was sunny (go figure), but hot as heck. In rome, and Italy in general, they have these awesome awesome fountains. Think about the hottest and muggiest day in Pennsylvania and then think about these constantly running fountains shooting ice cold water at you. Pure heaven:

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Mom said...

Thank-you for throwing a penny in the fountain for me. It means that I will get to go there some day.