Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cruising Norway and the Fjords

The boat we took is an actual working ferry ship with cruise aspects. The boat weaves in and out of islands, fjords and open ocean to get to various secluded cities. They put people, cars, mail, soda pop and anything else that these small towns require. In addition they hold about 500 people that are just there for the ride such as us.

We are heading into Garinger Fjord.

Inside the Fjord, the water is as still as glass. I was amazed.

Here is our ship.

It looks like a cruise ship, but its a bit smaller in order to maneuver through some of the narrow inlets and fjords.

We really enjoyed the cruise and seeing bits of Norway that are very hard to get to. We passed many beautiful waterfalls and I wished I could jump off, swim ashore and hike. The water would have been a bit cold.

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