Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our first excursion - Fjord Tour

We boarded a bus with all the oldies on the cruise to enjoy a neat scenic ride through the Fjords.

Here we are with our boat below heading to Molde.

It was weird to see our boat leave without us when we left on these excursions. Since the cruise is a working ferry, it does not have time to wait around for us sightseers. As a result, our excursions usually require transportation to the next port.

Next up on our bus tour were waterfalls.

The water was so blue everywhere we drove. It was breath taking. Unfortunately, a guy next to me spoiled my fun when he flung a cigarette into the water. The water is so pure that you do not need to treat it before drinking and that bastard tosses a cigarette into it. His wife or girlfriend was smoking too and as her cigerrette went down to the nub, I was thinking of begging her to give it to me so that I can toss it correctly. Luckily, she was a bit smarter than her counterpart and I was spared from making a huge scene.

More rushing rivers, but this image does not do as good of job of portraying the blueness of the water.

The water was so blue, I could have sworn the rivers belonged to a mega mini golf course.

Joe would now like to show you where this water comes from.


If we go high enough to see snow pack, you know that there is only one place to go to get back to the ship. Down

Obviouslly, the cruise ship is not clever enough to run up the water fall to pick us up. The criss cross path was our route. It was pratically one way and we were in a big ass bus. Mom almost had a heart attack and had to look down. Despite my fear of heights, I was okay for some reason.

We all needed some drinks after we got back on the ship.

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